08/29/2012 07:17 am ET

'Collection Intervention': 30,000 Comic Books Are Taking Over This Couple's House (VIDEO)

There's a fine line between collecting for fun and collecting out of obsession, and "Collection Intervention" helps those people who may have crossed that line -- or are stepping dangerously close to it. This week, they spotlighted Joe and his massive comic book collection.

He keeps them in comic long boxes, which weigh in at about 50 pounds apiece. But while his collection is well maintained, those boxes are taking over the house as Joe estimates he has about 30,000 comic books, or as he put it, "You’re looking at two tons of comic books."

Joe loves his comic books, calling them "little family units" and "awesome." His fiance, Rebekah, says he sitting with them not just to read them, but sometimes just to be with them.

Elyse Luray, formerly of Christie's auction house, was on hand to help Joe better manage his collection. Not managing them properly is why there are boxes in virtually every room of the house, much to Rebekah's dismay.

With her help, Joe was able to make some decisions to sell off a large portion of his collection, going from 120 boxes to 62. It's still a large collection, but one that the couple can better manage.

But with all of her advice to these collectors about how to better manage their collections, it's a shame more of it isn't making it onto the screen, according to The Detroit News. That way it could be both entertaining and "more useful" for collectors watching.

Tune in to "Collection Intervention" on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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