08/29/2012 11:11 am ET

Neal Boortz Blames Public Schools For President Obama's Election At Unity Rally: 'Preach School Choice'

Neal Boortz, conservative talk show host, denounced public school education at a Tea Party rally in Tampa Monday.

During his speech at the Unity Rally 2012, Boortz asked audiences to stop referring to government schools as public.

"They are not public schools, they are government schools. They are owned by, staffed by, operated by and forced upon by the government," he said amidst cheers from the crowd.

But Boortz did not stop there. He went on to blame the public school system for a majority of Americans voting for Barack Obama in 2008.

"And, ladies and gentlemen, it is 100 years of government education that led us to the point that a man like Barack Obama could be sworn in as president of the United States... So, wherever you are, preach school choice."

Which is what the 2012 Republican education platform is all about. Rather than eliminating state and local schools, as Boortz alludes to, the Republican platform admits there is some wisdom in state and local control of schools.

"Today’s education reform movement calls for accountability at every stage of schooling. It affirms higher expectations for all students and rejects the crippling bigotry of low expectations. It recognizes the wisdom of State and local control of our schools, and it wisely sees consumer rights in education –- choice –- as the most important driving force for renewing our schools."

In response, a Democratic Underground subscriber challenges Boortz's claims, saying public schools helped him to think critically.

"I take extreme exception to the idea that I somehow have been "brainwashed" by my public school education...If the education a vast majority of Americans received resulted in the election of Barack Obama, then there must be something wrong with public education."