08/30/2012 10:28 am ET Updated Oct 30, 2012

Profiles Of Republican Women

There are no women on the major presidential tickets this year, but we're still getting lots of attention. The women's vote is crucial to both parties and we make up one of the fastest growing voting demographics. Right now, President Obama holds a sizable lead in the polls with women. And Republicans haven't helped their cause with those who support reproductive rights. Mitt Romney opposes the free birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act and funding for Planned Parenthood, and the official party platform calls for a ban on abortion in all cases. But there hasn't been much sign of the GOP's "war on women," as the Democrats call it, here at the RNC in Tampa. Enthusiastic Republican women are showing their support for Mitt Romney.

Admittedly, these are the party faithful and not swing voters. Still, they don't always agree with everything their party supports, even if they really want Romney to defeat President Obama. Some of the women I spoke to, for example, identified as pro-choice. If you'd like insight into who the women are at the RNC, keep reading for my original profiles.

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