08/31/2012 07:26 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

America's Best Bathroom Contest Searches For The Restroom To End All Restrooms

Stumbling upon the perfect public restroom is kind of seeing a unicorn in a forest clearing--you instantly want to run out and tell everyone you know about it but, at the time same time, you kind of just want to savor the feeling for as long as possible.

Finding that perfect public restroom is easier said than done due to the litany of factors involved. Does simple, understated elegance trump flashy gimmicks? Should one value an ability to move a large quantity of people through over a feeling, often fleeting, of sudden and complete solitude? Is it rude to just not wash your hands to avoid feeling like you have to tip a restroom attendant?


Work apparel company Cintas is looking to answer these questions once and for all with a competition pitting the top non-residential restrooms in the country in throne-to-porcelain throne combat.

The company took nominations from the public over the summer and has winnowed the field down to ten competitors that people can vote on at the company's Facebook page.

This is the third year Cintas has held the contest with Chicago's Field Museum winning last year and St. Louis's The Fountain on Locust taking top honors in 2010.

Is the best bathroom at a famous Los Angeles concert venue? What about a gypsy-themed restaurant in San Francisco? Or a beloved, Texas-sized highway rest stop outside of Austin?

Check all all the nominees below and leave your own votes for America's best bathroom in the comments:



Best Bathrooms In America