08/31/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Boyfriend Cover Letter: Man Applies For 'Position' After Reading Woman's Facebook Post (PHOTO)

If you say you're looking for a boyfriend on Facebook, you might expect a few comical replies. But would you ever expect to find a cover letter slipped under your door from someone asking to be considered for the position?

That's what one college student says happened to her after she wrote such a post.

A photograph of the priceless, typed-out letter has since been posted to Imgur and republished on Brobible.


The suitor notes that he's currently listed as single on his W2 tax forms, which, you know, is always a plus. He also says he feels well-qualified for the position because he's laid back, likes to cuddle, has a tolerance for shopping, enjoys oral sex and has the ability to listen -- "really listen."

However, the man also mentions he has "exceptional navigational skills," which means he'll probably refuse to ask for directions. He also boasts about his competence with multiple video game systems including Playstation 3 and Xbox Live -- skills some women might consider more of a liability than an asset.

Several Imgur commenters encouraged the woman to go on a date with the man, while others went so far as to say that she should marry him. However, one commenter did suggest she first inquire about the man's health status.

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