08/31/2012 02:15 pm ET

How I Stopped Hating My Apartment (And Maybe Also Myself)

I have been talking about wanting to move to a new apartment for awhile. But I’m not talking about it anymore.

What halted my search was a realization that I cannot afford to move because I have no money. I know that’s a thing we say with different degrees of veracity— “I have no money” can mean a lot of things, but rarely does it mean a bank account at zero. For me it means that right now I am living paycheck to paycheck and paying off $20,000 in credit card debt. I have no money. Lots and lots of people are in my situation and worse. I’m lucky that in my paycheck-to-paycheck existence, I find room for falafel sandwiches, for drinks, for flowers to bring to dinner parties, for bus tickets to visit friends.

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