08/31/2012 02:47 pm ET Updated Sep 01, 2012

Lara Stone Dances For Calvin Klein & It's Awkward (VIDEO)

You might have seen the new Lara Stone video this morning, the one where Stone gets her groove on to the vintage sounds of Salt-N-Pepa. (Yup, "Lara Stone" and "Salt-N-Pepa" were just uttered in the same breath.)

In the clip, the eternal Calvin Klein model pushes (pun!) the brand's new soft-wire pushup bra, dubbed Push Positive. The idea to pair Calvin Klein's pushup bra with Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" is clever and cute -- we're fans. The execution, however, is neither cute nor clever. Instead it's, well, totally awkward.

Stone's dance consists mainly of shimmying and writing around (to be fair, that's her specialty). Her serious, non-ironic sexy faces make for an absurd contrast against the ridiculous, very un-sexy lyrics. And the camera, at Steven Klein's direction, keeps blatantly zooming in on her breasts. We get that this is a bra commercial, but has anyone ever heard of subtlety?

Also, Stone does that thing where she shoves her finger in her mouth, which we have never once found sexy.

But hey, some people are into that sorta thing. Ditto the writhing dance moves. Check out Lara in the clip above -- where does this rank out of the dozens of ads Stone's done for Calvin Klein?

Below, see one of Stone's most controversial ad campaigns for Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein Banned Billboard With Lara Stone

(Via Fashionista)

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