08/31/2012 03:04 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

'Louie': Jay Leno Gives Louie A Big Break That Puts Him In Front Of CBS Brass (VIDEO)

Thanks to Tom Cruise pulling out of his "Tonight Show" appearance, Jay Leno had to pull in Louie as his first guest. Louie looked incredibly nervous, but while viewers didn't get to see his performance on the show, it must have gone pretty well. This may be the closest to big success we ever see him achieve on "Louie."

The next morning, he awoke to find he'd gone viral and garnered the attention of the head of CBS. He pulled Louie and his manager into a confidential meeting where he offered him David Letterman's job on "Late Show." He explained the network wanted Jerry Seinfeld, but Seinfeld was demanding $12 million. So he'd rather take a chance on Louie, and if he bombed, they could still always go with Seinfeld.

At first, Louie said no, but then the president laid down some harsh truths about the state of Louie's career, arguing that it wouldn't get any better from here, and this may be the biggest opportunity he'll ever get. So he asked his question again.

Viewers will have to wait two weeks for the second part of this three-party story to see Louie's answer and what happens next. Tune in starting Thursday, September 13 at 10:30 p.m. ET on FX.

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