08/31/2012 02:23 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Paul Ryan: Barack Obama Will Distort Record To Win

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told Virginia supporters on Friday that President Barack Obama will distort his record to the American people in his attempt to win the election, a somewhat bold, although not new, assertion from someone criticized this week for his own misleading statements.

"The president can't run on his record, it's a terrible record," Ryan said. "So what does he have left? He's going to have to distort, divide, demagogue, talk about fear and anger -- anything but what we actually did these last four years because it's a bad track record."

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) stood behind Ryan during his speech. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) also made a brief appearance, bounding up the steps to the stage after Ryan finished speaking, giving him a hug, and then walking off with the two congressmen.

The appearance was Ryan's second after the Republican National Convention, where he accepted the vice presidential nomination and delivered his first major address as a member of the ticket. Ryan was criticized after his speech for including a number of misleading claims, including an accusation that Obama was to blame for the closure of an automobile plant.

In his remarks on Friday, Ryan focused on some of the same major points he included his speech earlier in the week, talking about the need for more responsibility in government, lower taxes and the need for more cooperation. Ryan called the current political era the "most partisan" in recent history.

"We will not spend four years blaming other people, we will take responsibility," Ryan said of the Romney-Ryan plans for the White House. "And we will not try to transform this country into something it was never intended to be."



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