08/30/2012 06:45 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

San Francisco Sandwiches: Serious Eats Names West Coast's Most Iconic Sandos (PHOTOS)

If there's one topic that tends to get San Franciscans going, it's sandwiches. Who has the best, who has the most traditional, thin-sliced or thick, Saigon or Ike's--it's all enough to incite a citywide food fight.

So when food website Serious Eats released an international guide to the world's most iconic sandwiches, we were intrigued.

The guide offers a smorgasbord of classic sandos, from the BLT and PB&J to the Club and the Reuben, crediting each with its geographic origin. Sadly, as our friends at SF Weekly pointed out, the guide only included three sandwiches credited to the entire West Coast, granting six to the South while the Northeast claimed a whopping 16. (We can't all invent the lobster roll.)

Check out the famous West Coast sandwiches in the slideshow below, and visit Serious Eats for the rest.

West Coast Sandwiches