See Savannah Guthrie As A Young Reporter In Missouri On 'The Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

Savannah Guthrie certainly sat in a hot seat when she was chosen to replace Ann Curry alongside Matt Lauer on the faltering "Today" show. So it wasn't a great surprise that she was able to laugh off Jay Leno's potentially embarrassing early footage of her reporting in Missouri on "The Tonight Show."

Or maybe it was her first job broadcasting that toughened her up. Guthrie talked about how she moved to Butte, Montana at only 21 years old to join a staff of four people at a station in one of the nation's smallest markets. Ten days in, the team was called in for a staff meeting. There they were told that the station was shutting down.

She's already outlasted that job on "Today," so anything past this is going to be smooth sailing, right? Well, "Today" is still trailing "Good Morning America" in the ratings, by more than 500,000 viewers according to Broadcasting & Cable.

A source told Radar Online that morale is high on the show, and Lauer himself urges viewers to take the time to get comfortable with Guthrie. Further, he's reportedly letting the network know how much he supports her as well.

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