08/31/2012 11:24 am ET

Shenzhen Airlines Flight Diverted After Second China Air Scare This Week

For the second time this week, a Chinese airliner has been diverted due to unspecified security threats.

This time, it's a Shenzhen Airlines flight between coastal Shenzhen and Xiangyang, in the central part of the country, which landed safely at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, CNN reports from Beijing.

On Wednesday, an Air China flight bound for New York City turned back after a vague warning that may have come from U.S. authorities. Investigators found nothing suspicious after that flight touched down safely in Beijing.

The second scare has motivated Chinese social media users to voice their concerns about the general safety of the Chinese aviation system, CNN reports.

More than 78 million people transited Beijing's airport alone in 2011.