09/02/2012 10:25 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2012

Augie Angerame, Korean War Veteran Suffering From Dementia, Still Caring For His Men 60 Years On (VIDEO)

A veteran is showing just how strong the friendships created during times of war can be.

According to CBS News, Augie Angerame served as a medic in an artillery unit during the Korean War.

He now suffers from dementia and has lost the ability to communicate.

But his son, John says that even dementia hasn't stopped Angerame, who lives in a nursing home in Long Island, NY, from caring for his men.

John told CBS news that Angerame started going into the room of another veteran with dementia named Frank Dibella a few months ago.

"And I was like, 'What's this man doing?'" recalled Frank's daughter, Mary Rose Monroe. "He'd rub his back and then he'd walk away."

"Just check on him," John added, "like maybe a medic would do as he made rounds."

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But John said he started to get the feeling that there was more to it than that.

Looking at the old war photos on Dibella's bulletin board, he soon realized the depth of the two men's connection.

Dibella had been the cook in his father's unit during the war.

Somewhere in their hearts, the old friends and comrades had not forgotten the times they shared together.

"Sixty years later," John said of his father, "Still checking on his guys."

"They reach for each other," said Mary Rose.

The story of Angerame and Dibella is one of many such tales of devotion shown by veterans long after coming home.

The Huffington Post reported in May that a 102-year-old World War II veteran named Bea Cohen has spent more than seven decades working with philanthropic organizations that serve military personnel.

HuffPost also wrote about the Wounded Warriors -- a softball team of amputee veterans who partake in dozens of celebrity and exhibition charity games every year to raise awareness and money for wounded military veterans.