09/02/2012 01:32 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2012

'Oogieloves' Opening Worst Ever For Wide Release

Move over, "Delgo": With $448,000 earned this weekend from 2,160 theaters, "Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure" is now the lowest grossing wide release of all time.

The interactive kids' film -- which features cameos from Chazz Palmentieri, Christopher Lloyd and Cloris Leachman, the latter of whom said she only made the film for the "money" -- averaged just $207 per theater, the lowest ever for an opening on 2,000 or more theaters.

"Oogieloves" comes from the mind of Kenn Viselman, who Americanized "The Teletubbies" and "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends." As previously reported by the reported the Sacramento Bee, the film "features visual and auditory cues which invite the audience to 'move' the action along, allowing parents and kids to interact not only with the characters, but also with one another."

The $448,000 for "Oogieloves" takes the flop "Delgo" out of the record books. That animated film came out in 2008, one year before "Avatar," but surprisingly features many similarities with the $2.7 billion grosser (a lawsuit was even considered). "Delgo" opened with just $511,920 from 2,160 theater and had a per-screen average of $237.

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[Numbers via Box Office Mojo]

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