09/03/2012 04:19 pm ET

Toddler's Karaoke Leads To Two Deaths

After a toddler refused to give up the mic at a karaoke parlor in Xi'an, China, a series of events lead to two men being hacked to death with a meat cleaver.

The Telegraph reports that two of the boy's uncles began criticizing the child's father for spoiling his boy.

Police said the bickering soon lead to a fist fight in which the uncles started pummeling the father, identified by authorities as Mr. Yun.

Yun's nephew then allegedly ran to a nearby restaurant where he worked and grabbed a meat cleaver. Yun's nephew, identified as Mr Hui by police, then returned to the Karaoke parlor and allegedly hacked the two uncles to death, striking them each at least ten times. Hui was arrested and charged with the brutal killings.

The Stir's Kiri Blakeley speculates that there may have been a deeper motive for the killings than the immediate dispute over the singing child.

"I'm going to guess there was more going on with this nephew than a deep desire to keep hearing the toddler warble," Blakeley writes. "He sounds nutso."

As surprising as it may seem, karaoke has lead to tragedy more often than one might think.

In 2010, the New York Times reported that there have been at least six killings in the last decade stemming from people singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way" in the Philippines. The crimes have become so prevalent that they've been dubbed the "My Way" killings by authorities.



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