09/04/2012 05:38 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2012

James Gagum Accidentally Shoots Himself In Head While Reenacting Movie Shooting

A South Carolina man accidentally killed himself while reenacting a scene from a movie.

Witnesses say that 43-year-old James Gagum, of Conway, was watching a film early Friday morning when he saw a scene with a character using a gun.

Gagum then put a gun to his head and stated, "That's not how it's done," before pulling the trigger three times, WPDE-TV reported.

On the third pull, the gun went off and the bullet went through Gagum's head.

Emergency crews arrived and pronounced Gagum dead at the scene. The shooting was ruled accidental, according to the Associated Press.

This was not the first time Gagum used a gun in his home.

In 2010, three suspects broke into Gagum's home. When one of the suspects allegedly pointed a gun at Gagum and his wife, police said Gagum fatally shot him, the Daily Mail reported.

Gagum told WTOC that he was only protecting his family. "It was him instead of me or me instead of him," he said.

Gagum was not charged for the 2010 shooting.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that James Gagum's last name was Horry. We regret the error.