09/04/2012 10:08 pm ET

Joaquin Castro Speech: Read The Democratic National Convention Remarks

Texas state Rep. Joaquin Castro introduced his twin brother Julian Castro as the keynote speaker for the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night.

Below, Joaquin Castro's remarks as prepared for delivery.

Thank you. Tonight I have the honor of introducing you to our keynote speaker, my twin brother Julian Castro.

As you can imagine, this is a very special moment for our family. For each of us, the places that we call home shape our character, inform how we see the world and inspire our imagination.

Julian is a proud Texan. For 18 years we shared a small room and big dreams in our neighborhood on the West Side of San Antonio. Our hometown is a beautiful place, a place of hardworking, humble folks who grind out a living by day and go home and say prayers of thanks to God at night.

Since becoming mayor in 2009, Julian has worked tirelessly to pursue policies that honor the aspirations of the people he represents. I'm proud that my brother has achieved his dreams, but I'm even more proud of the work he's done to help others achieve theirs. Today, San Antonio is our nation's seventh largest city, a city on the rise that looks like America tomorrow.

Julian is a dedicated husband to his wife Erica, a public school teacher, and a wonderful father to his three-year-old daughter, Carina.

With much love and pride I present to you my best friend and my brother, Mayor Julian Castro.



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