09/04/2012 03:14 pm ET

Laurie Kelly Left Child With Homeless So She Could Relieve 'Sexual Rage,' Police Say

An Arizona teacher's assistant accused of leaving her 6-year-old child with strangers so she could have sex with two men said she was driven by a "manic sexual rage," according to court documents.

Police say Laurie Lee Kelly, 43, of Mesa, bought beer for two transients on Aug. 28, in exchange for babysitting her young daughter. Kelly allegedly said the impromptu nanny's had to watch the girl so she could "make money."

According to Maricopa County Superior Court documents, witnesses told police that for four hours the girl was passed off to several different people.

"She was fun. We ran around the park. She's a wonderful child," witness Maureen Wilson told CBS 5.

"She left her kid with total strangers," witness Ronald Baker added. "I'm glad that we're honest and protective."

The authorities were notified about the mother's alleged misdeeds and responding officers eventually found Kelly sitting in a nearby grassy area with a man. Questioned by police, Kelly said she had suffered from uncontrollable "manic sexual rage" and "needed to have sex," the documents say.

Kelly allegedly told police she had slept with two men while her daughter was being watched by strangers, police reported. Court Documents indicate Kelly expressed concern about her daughter but said she was unable to control her sexual desire.

On Aug. 30, Kelly appeared for her arraignment in Maricopa County Superior Court. She was ordered not to have contact with children under age 16 and was released without bond. She is expected to appear in court again later this month.

Kelly is employed as an instructional assistant at Whitman Elementary School in Mesa. According to a spokeswoman, Kelly has been temporarily relieved of her duties, with pay.

"The criminal allegations against her are serious, and if substantiated would be grounds for immediate termination per district policy," Helen Hollands, director of communications and marketing at Mesa Public Schools, said in a written statement to The Arizona Republic.



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