09/04/2012 04:44 pm ET

Michelle Rodriguez Talks Taking Risks As An Actress, Including Wearing High Heels

With Michelle Rodriguez, there aren’t any half measures. Known in Hollywood as a risk taker and certifiable ‘tough-chick,’ the actress has faced many obstacles in her career. But apparently none quite like this.

In her latest turn in the fifth installment of the popular movie franchise, "Resident Evil: Retribution,” Rodriguez was forced to take on the challenge of wearing high heels.

In an interview with HuffPost Voces, the actress laughed as she said "It was the hardest thing [...] the percentage of my life that I spend walking in high heels is minimal, so imagine what it's like running in an action movie in them [...] I only have three pairs of heels in my closet.”

Obviously proud of her role in a franchise which has grossed over $700 million worldwide, Rodriguez further appreciates the opportunity the new film gave her in expanding her repertoire as an actress.

"I was not intimidated by this role at all. [In the film] I’m on the side of the Umbrella Corporation, seeing the walking dead all around me. But my character doesn’t let fear in, like a normal person would,” she explained. One of the great benefits of this role was that she played a “sweet” character, a challenging detail for Rodriguez.

“What is most attractive to me as an actress is to confront that ambiguity, that complex energy in a character, where you just don’t know where they’re heading,” she added.

"Resident Evil: Retribution" opens nationwide on Friday, September 14.



Michelle Rodriguez