09/04/2012 05:23 pm ET

Ryan Dorm Hit With Gun By Police Officer Donald Taylor In Alleged Police Brutality Video

Surveillance footage taken outside a Maryland convenience store appears to show a flash of light as a police officer with a loaded gun pistol-whips an unsuspecting man.

The video, recorded last February in Brentwood, calls into question Prince George's County police officer Donal Taylor's claim that 19-year-old Ryan Dorm -- who spent four months in jail following the encounter -- fought for the weapon as the officer approached. The gun appears to discharge as it strikes Dorm's skull.

According to MyFoxDC:

Attorney Jimmy Bell, who represents Dorm, says the video shows Taylor out-and-out "lied" when he wrote up a report supporting assault charges against his client.

Police also say that Taylor lied about the incident, according to NBC Washington. The alleged victim and his attorney have since filed a $10 million lawsuit against Taylor and his department.

Taylor is charged with misconduct, reckless endangerment and second-degree assault, the Associated Press reports. He is suspended from the department.



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