09/05/2012 09:37 am ET Updated Sep 05, 2012

Andrea Mitchell Gets Spit Up On By Baby Kennedy (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell braved another tricky element of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night: baby vomit.

As the MSNBC host prepared to interview the sons of Edward Kennedy on the convention floor, she received an unexpected treat from the youngest member of the Kennedy family.

According to TVNewser, Mitchell stood with Teddy and Patrick Kennedy, who were holding baby Owen Kennedy. Just as Chris Matthews tossed to Mitchell, Owen seemed to spit up on Mitchell's hand. Mitchell quipped that the baby had been wonderful, until that very moment.

It's been an eventful convention so far for the MSNBC host. Earlier on Tuesday, Mitchell battled loud rehearsal music while broadcasting her MSNBC daytime show live from the convention center. Mitchell took the disruption in stride, jokingly welcoming viewers and guests to "Club Mitchell."

(h/t TVNewser)



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