09/05/2012 11:50 am ET

Cecilia Muñoz Defends Obama's Record On Domestic Issues And Having Earned Re-Election

Tucked away this afternoon behind the food stalls and the din of delegates and press, Cecilia Muñoz, director of President Obama’s Domestic Policy Council, was quietly working on her laptop at the Time Warner Arena, hours before Latino Texas Mayor Julián Castro was to give the Democrats’ convention keynote speech. In an interview with NBC Latino, the former immigration attorney and activist who is now part of  Obama’s inner circle vigorously defended Obama’s record on domestic issues, and discussed why she believes he deserves to be re-elected.

The first issue Muñoz brought up was immigration. ”I’ve been a Latina activist for 25 years, working on immigration and a host of other issues, and the starkness of this choice couldn’t be more real for the Latino community,” said Muñoz. Last week at the Republican National Convention, Republicans said President Obama’s record on immigration was a broken promise, and his deferred action policy a last-minute effort to garner Latino votes.