09/05/2012 07:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Heidi Klum's Sexy Divorce Dress Shows Seal What He's Missing (PHOTO)

How do you respond when told by an ex husband to have "more class" and not "fornicate with the help"?

Well, for starters you issue a statement to People (the unofficial break-up arbitrator of the summer, it seems). After that, you immediately step out in the hottest thing you own -- at least that's what you do when you're a supermodel like Heidi Klum.

While the 39-year old has never been a blushing flower, she left a taping of "Project Runway" yesterday in a particularly provocative slashed leather dress. The skintight number definitely showed Seal what he's missing (as if he didn't already know from her bikini-filled twit pics).

Even though we doubt the mother of four had any vindictive intentions with her choice of dress, we can't help but feel that some part of her felt satisfaction looking that great just after Seal thrusts their seemingly peaceful divorce into the tabloid limelight. Your move, Seal.

Check out Heidi's racy divorcée ensemble and tell us what you think.


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