09/05/2012 01:58 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

Madeline Brisson Murder: Luis Otero Pleads No Contest To Killing Woman Found In Freezer

A 51-year-old Connecticut man has pleaded no contest to the murder of his ex-girlfriend, whose body was found in his freezer.

Madeline Brisson had warned family and friends that Luis Otero had threatened her life.

"The guy promised her that he was going to kill her and put her in the freezer and she told me this after they got in an argument one time," her friend Johnny Robinson told WTNH.

Brisson also reportedly told her sisters, "If I ever come up missing, look in the freezer."

Her horrible prophecy proved true in March 2010, when Otero drove to the Groton City police station and told officers that he had put a body in a freezer of his home, the New London Day reported. Authorities later identified the body as that of the 50-year-old Brisson.

Brisson's body was frozen solid, indicating that it had been in the freezer for a few days.

According to his arrest warrant, Otero had called his cousin earlier that day to say he had "flipped out" because Brisson had asked him to move and and implied that she was going to become the lesbian lover of his daughter. Otero's sister told police that Otero's daughter is mentally challenged, the warrant states.

Brisson died of blunt traumatic injuries and asphyxia, according to the Associated Press.

Since his arrest, Otero had been held on $2 million bond. Last Friday, however, he pleaded "no contest" to Brisson's murder in exchange for a 28 1/2 year prison sentence.

In 1995, Otero served a year in prison for assaulting a different girlfriend and restraining her with masking tape when she attempted to break up with him.