09/05/2012 02:07 pm ET

Xavier Somerville, Purdue Freshman, Slips And Falls To Death While Jumping To Lower Balcony

Tragedy struck last Monday when Xavier Somerville, an 18-year-old freshman at Purdue University in Indianapolis, fell from a fifth-floor balcony at an apartment complex during a party.

According to ABC6, witnesses say Somerville lost his grip and fell as he attempted to swing onto a lower balcony when police officers responded because of a noise complaint.

A panicked party-goer then answered the door, reports Fox59, telling police someone had fallen. Somerville was transported to Wishard, a local hospital, in critical condition; he later died from the injuries.

While underage drinking had occurred at the party, Somerville's mother, Vicke, told the Indianapolis Star her son probably wasn't partaking. She says he'd been in trouble earlier for drinking and driving, and understood the consequences all too well.

"He knew he had to call in every evening and submit to random urine samples," his mother said to the paper. "He knew that — I know he didn't fall because he was intoxicated."

Somerville's classmates held a vigil in his honor Monday night. His mother says she's thankful for the support from both her family and the community. "That's the only thing getting me through this," she told the Star. "And the sweet memories of my sweet baby boy."