09/06/2012 05:26 pm ET

Brian Addison, 'Hunger Games' Fan, Creates Giant Mockingjay On Lawn

Some Tributes will go to great lengths to declare their devotion to "The Hunger Games." We've seen fans create hilarious "Hunger Games" comics, Beanie Babies re-enactments, and District 12-inspired video recipe tutorials, to name a few. Most recently, a loyal Tennessee "Hunger Games" devotee took it to another level, creating a giant Mockingjay symbol on his lawn to display his love for the movie and book series.

After Addison's 14-year-old granddaughter convinced him to go see the movie with her, he was hooked on the trilogy. After reading the books, he set about creating a large-scale grass Mockingjay, the fiction bird and symbol of rebellion. Addison explains that it was a challenging process requiring many steps and a great deal of planning.

"I had to get the grass growing up the right height to where I could cut it two or three different levels then plotted it out," he told WBIR-TV.

Thanks to his efforts, Addison's neighbors -- and every "HG" fan on the Internet -- can enjoy the impressive display. And he certainly gets our vote for Grandfather of the Year.

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(H/T Down With The Capitol.)