09/06/2012 09:03 am ET

Eva Longoria At DNC: 'I Come From A Very Different Position Than Clint Eastwood'

Eva Longoria is among the most politically involved celebrities this election cycle. The actress is a longtime advocate for Latino rights and serves as one of the national co-chairs for President Barack Obama's reelection campaign. As such, she'll be speaking at the Democratic National Convention, putting her in the company of Kal Penn -- and Clint Eastwood on the other side of the political spectrum.

But Longoria is quick to distance herself from Eastwood, who infamously delivered a rambling speech and conversed at length with an empty chair that he pretended was occupied by the president. In an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, Longoria said she "come[s] from a very different place" than the elder actor.

"It was interesting, yeah, but I haven’t seen the whole thing so it’s not fair for me to judge it," she said of Eastwood's remarks.

Longoria is due to speak Thursday in Charlotte, the same night that Obama will accept the nomination. In April, she penned a scathing critique of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, describing him as "on the wrong side of every issue that pertains to Latinos." She has also ardently argued for women's rights, denouncing what she calls the GOP's "war" on women's healthcare.

The "Desperate Housewives" star recently announced that she's opening a restaurant in Las Vegas.

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