09/06/2012 06:28 pm ET

Glenn Beck Slams Neely's Barbecue Parlor In New York; Restaurant Says It Receives Threats

After accusing American Airlines attendants treated him as "subhuman," Glenn Beck continued his victimization by claiming servers at a "minority-owned" New York City restaurant also wronged him this past Labor Day weekend.

He lamented on his radio program on Tuesday:

After a weekend in New York City, I remembered why I was so glad to move out of New York City. It started for me on a Friday night, this last Friday at a barbecue restaurant. Now why my daughter who lives in the city thought that coming from Texas we should go have barbecue in New York City is beyond me, but we did. As we walked in, my wife said, oh, my gosh, this is so‑and‑so very famous, you know, barbecue couple that do this barbecue thing, you know, on TV. And I said, “Oh, okay.” She said,“It’s supposed to be really good.” Well, I have to tell you, the look that I was given by those in charge at this restaurant was, how dare you even come in here. It was quite amazing. I said to my wife as we were walking up the stairs, I said, this isn’t going to go well. And she said, no, this was really a mistake.

This is a minority‑owned shop. Was that the line that I dared to cross? No? No, it couldn’t be because there were white people in there. So it must be something else besides my character. It’s amazing to me. One would think that ‑‑ you wouldn’t want to shun people that might have diverse opinions. Maybe they could put a second door in or another entrance in for people like me."

Although Beck never explicitly outs the restaurant in question, the description provided helped people quickly identify the barbecue joint as none other than Neely's Barbecue Parlor on the Upper East Side, owned by Food Network stars Pat and Gina Neely.

Since Tuesday, Neely's claims to have received hundreds of threatening emails. The restaurant maintains Beck and his family were never mistreated, and now a 23-year-old hostess named Sarah Hughes has come forward to defend Neely's service:

I’m not sure why Mr. Beck is insinuating that I, or anyone else on our staff, treated him with any form of disrespect, it simply is not true. I have worked in the hospitality and customer service industry for over six years and pride myself on treating every customer equally, doing anything and everything I can for them, while ensuring that they feel welcome. Outside of work, I am a Southerner through and through. I smile at everyone, say “hi” to strangers, and open doors for people – I can’t help it, it’s how I was brought up. What I love so much about the Neely’s Barbecue Parlor family is that every employee does the same – whether or not they’re from the South.

Regardless of what exactly what went down at Neely's, Beck's abhorrence for the Big Apple was on full display on Tuesday as he also slammed New York as a "vile and hateful place."

In December, after an unpleasant run-in with a neighbor, Beck took to the airwaves to say he was fed up with New York and that New Yorkers themselves were ruining the city.

And in August of 2011, Beck claimed he and his family were harassed by New Yorkers at an outdoor movie screening in Bryant Park.

Earlier this year, Beck and his family moved to Texas.