09/06/2012 04:45 pm ET Updated Sep 07, 2012 Hiring 'Workplace Virgins' For World's Sketchiest Internship

Even the porn industry wants social media gurus -- preferably ones with a "nice rack.", an adult entertainment site, is searching for a tech-savvy social media lover to apply for what the company claims is the "world's best internship:" a job handling the site's "social and digital media channels."

The internship listing on the company's website (NSFW) has to go down (sorry) in history as the most sexual-innuendo-laden job description ever.

" is officially on the hunt -- to snatch up a brand spanking new intern to do all our dirty work for us," it reads. "By tapping into the pool of young and determined candidates, we’re looking to groom one dedicated student from a workplace virgin into an experienced professional. We want someone who will rise to the occasion and take to a challenge head-on."

Pornhub generously offers what may be the least self-aware advice ever to prospective interns prepping their applications: "Just make sure you keep it clean people, this is a professional industry!"

"Professional" Pornhub is not, apparently, an equal opportunity employer, however. According to the job posting, "a nice rack and lack of male genitalia is preferred." As official intern extraordinaire, you will need to handle the company's "dirty work," as well as possess a "charismatic camera presence."

Oh, and the job also requires basic computers skills.

The candidate that comes out on top (again, sorry) is expected to help mange Pornhub's Twitter account, make appearances on its radio station, write for its blog, and "[work] on other risqué social media initiatives," per a Pornhub press release.

Recently, the porn industry has been been embracing social media, with many adult film actors and actresses using Twitter to develop a "mainstream fanbase," according to CNN. Despite their immersion in the Twittersphere, you'll have a hard time spotting these entertainers on Facebook, due to the social media site's strict terms or service.

Pornhub promises that interns will get "a real sense of what it takes to speak with celebrity personalities -- or porn stars (you never know what you’ll learn from them)." Want to sharpen your social media skills? Then head over to and apply for this hands-on position, which we have no doubt will lead to some revealing insight about the… ahem, tech world.

Who knows: Maybe you can even start Pornhub's very own Instagram account.



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