09/06/2012 12:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rob Delaney Tells Conan About His Love Of Hairy Women (VIDEO)

Comedian Rob Delaney went on "Conan" Wednesday night to plug his new online special, but the real takeaway from his interview had less to do with stand-up and more to do with ladies. And hair. Specifically, lady hair-down-there.

Happily married Delaney doesn't get why magazines such as Cosmopolitan are constantly telling women to eliminate all hair from their bodies, when some guys (like him) like them just the way they are. As he so artfully put it, when you see a women with hair under her arms, "it's like a little commercial for what's going on downstairs -- sign me up!".

Watch Conan, Andy and guest Lauren Graham giggle throughout Delaney's bit about women in the clip above. Below, see part two of his interview where he talks about suing Kim Kardashian and mocking Mitt Romney.



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