09/06/2012 01:20 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2012

Cheryl O'Leary-Gruver, Washington Woman, Accidentally Donates About $14,000 In Rings, Family Heirlooms To Goodwill

Cheryl O'Leary-Gruver stashed her prized pieces of jewelry in the perfect hiding spot. So perfect that when she donated the bag that contained her favorite rings and necklaces, she didn’t realize the items were inside.

Soon after the Washington woman gave away a purse to her local Goodwill, O’Leary-Gruver realized her immeasurable error, KOMO News reports. Inside the pocketbook were some of her favorite gems in the world, including a diamond and ruby ring that was a family heirloom. She estimated each item to be worth about $700.

The distraught woman inadvertently gave away more than 20 pieces of jewelry, but Goodwill hasn’t been able to track them down, since donations are constantly getting shipped to outposts across the state.

"I just want them to see my face and know it's not just costume jewelry,” O'Leary-Gruver told the KOMO of her decision to publicize her story. “It has a lot of sentimental value. The first ring my husband ever gave me -- that type of thing.”

While the Washington woman certainly regrets her mistake, perhaps she'll find comfort in knowing that she’s not the first person to accidentally donate pricey jewels to the nonprofit.

When Josh Miller, 31, was preparing to propose to his girlfriend back in April, the Georgia man made the heartbreaking discovery that he had given away the jacket where he had been hiding the uninsured diamond ring, according to WSBTV.

“She talked about the exact ring she wanted for a long time,” Miller told the news outlet, “and we finally for once found the perfect, perfect engagement ring.”

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