09/07/2012 10:31 am ET

iPhone 5 Release Could Bring End To iPhone 3GS: Report

The iPhone 5, which is expected to be annouced on Sept. 12, is rumored to bring a lot of changes to Apple's mobile phone lineup: A larger screen, a redesigned dock connector and 4G LTE capability are among the many unconfirmed reports surrounding the much-anticipated release.

But writing for The Telegraph, Matt Warman notes the release may also mean an end to Apple's iPhone 3GS, the third-generation handset that was released in 2009 but continues to be offered in the United States as the entry-level iPhone.

Citing "sources close to retailers," Warman writes that the 8-gigabyte version of the iPhone 4 could replace the 3GS, which AT&T offers in the U.S. for only $0.99 with a 2-year contract.

It should be noted that Warman is writing for a U.K. audience, but this could still hold true in the U.S. And if the report is true, it would certainly be welcome news for those who may want to upgrade to a newer-generation iPhone without spending the money on the latest model.

At its Sept. 12 event, Apple is also rumored to announce a smaller-screened version of its Retina MacBook pro as well as a new iPod touch.

Warman details another rumor around the new iPhone, so head over to The Telegraph to check it out.

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