09/08/2012 08:32 am ET

President Barack Obama's Democratic Convention Speech: What Was Missing?

This week, many of you joined us on Twitter and Facebook as we watched the Democratic National Convention together. Between the jokes, quotes and moments of pure elation (FLOTUS, anyone?), watching the DNC with you all was a truly great time.

On Thursday evening, after President Barack Obama's rousing speech, we asked you what you thought about it. Here's what we asked:

Many of you came back to us with the important issues you felt Obama hasn't really addressed yet on the campaign trail. Gun control and poverty were on the forefront of many of your minds. As we gear up for the Presidential debates (mark your calendars for the first debate on October 3rd, it's focus is on domestic policy), tell us the domestic issues that are closest to your hearts. Which issue do you feel are being pushed aside in the interest of appealing to the undecided? Is it the war on drugs? The prison industrial complex and it's consumption of black youth? Gun control?

Share the policies you want Obama to hit harder in these coming weeks, below in the comments. You can see some of the policies our Twitter family felt was left out of his DNC speech below.



What Was Missing From Obama's Speech?