09/09/2012 10:57 pm ET

Jets, Bills Fans Fight In Stands At MetLife Stadium (VIDEO)

Sadly, it wouldn't be an NFL Sunday if there wasn't video of a fan altercation being uploaded to YouTube. This week's fan fracas features supporters of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills getting heated on a sunny day at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

In this video uploaded to YouTube and then spotted by Brian Bassett of JetsBlog, a scuffle seemed to break out in Section 302 at the Jets' stadium during the Week 1 matchup of AFC East rivals.

While it is unclear who instigated this argument, it is safe to say that several members of this group of Bills fans were sporting matching Zubaz zebra pants. Hopefully, no fans or vintage sweat pants were harmed.

Thankfully not all fan interactions at MetLife were as vitriolic.