09/10/2012 07:14 pm ET

Andre Bowman Accused Of Trying To Abduct Child After Being Hit By Car While High On PCP (VIDEO)

After being hit by a car on Saturday, Andre Bowman allegedly tried to abduct a one-month-old baby belonging to a couple who tried to help him.

For reasons that are still unclear, Bowman fell out of a moving car on I-70 in Kansas City, Mo., police said, according to the New York Daily News.

While on the pavement, Bowman was run over and although he got up, he was apparently badly injured.

“It looked like he was dead on the road, like flat and everything,” Sara Morris, who stopped to see if he needed help, told the newspaper.

But what was meant to be an act of kindness, almost turned into a kidnapping when Bowman staggered over to her car, opened the back door and allegedly tried to abduct her one-month-old baby daughter Emily.

Emily's father, Matthew Nicotra, jumped to his daughter's rescue.

“He was just trying to grab her out of the backseat, and I got out and grabbed him and told him let go of my daughter and he wouldn’t let go,” Nicotra told WDAF-TV.

Bowman, who was believed to be high on PCP, at the time of the incident, was eventually arrested and taken to a Kansas City hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

He is still reportedly recovering from the accident and police haven't commented as to why Bowman fell out of the car and who was driving the vehicle when it happened.

Sources close to Bowman have offered theories as to why he might have abducted the one-month-old baby, according to Fox News.

Back in August, his 17-month-old daughter, Ada Bowman, died after her mother’s boyfriend allegedly threw her onto a bed with such force that she bounced off and crashed into a coffee table.

He's been trying to get custody of two other kids he had with Ada's mother and friends told WDAF-TV that he may have thought the little girl reminded him of his own child.

They also say they don’t think he was trying to hurt the baby, and she is reportedly fine.

Nicotra acknowledges that Bowman may have suffered a terrible loss, but that is no excuse for abducting a child.

"That's no right to grab my child at all, it's no right to grab anyone's child," he told WDAF-TV.




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