09/10/2012 03:35 pm ET

Detroit Blind Pig And Brothel Raided: 120 Patrons Ticketed, 10 Arrested

Wayne County Sheriff's officers ticketed 120 patrons on Sunday at an after-hours club in Detroit's New Center neighborhood that police said had also been operating as a brothel.

10 club operators were arrested at the blind pig, located at 29 East Baltimore St., which had been informally referred to as the "Baltimore Social Club" when it opened in 2011. A Facebook page for the Baltimore Social Club, which lists the same address, says it was a members-only club featuring female and male entertainment.

The raid was one of several conducted this year by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, according to a press release. Said Wayne County Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon, “This kind of blatant lawlessness will not be tolerated. Criminal activity of this kind not only leads to other crimes but it detracts from an area that is trying to rebound.”

Wayne County Sheriffs said they collected about 50 cars, close to $10,000 and six guns during the 4 a.m. raid near Woodward Avenue and Grand Boulevard, just a few short blocks from the city's famed Fisher Building and urban research university Wayne State.

While the 120 people found inside were ticketed and released, the 10 club operators are expected to be charged with felonies. A 16-year-old girl was turned over to the Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children Task Force.

“This was one of the largest brothels operating in the City of Detroit,” Wayne State University Chief of Police Anthony Holt said in a statement.

The Detroit News reports that officers executed a second search warrant at the home of one of the alleged operators, where an undisclosed amount of cash and drugs was found.

Officers carried out the operation with the help of a large team including Wayne State University Police, Detroit Police Headquarters Surveillance and the Western Wayne Community Response Team.

158 people were ticketed at a blind pig on Detroit's west side earlier this summer, according to Deadline Detroit.



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