09/11/2012 12:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Electric Shocks Force New York Couple, Millie And Hal Mendelson, To Abandon Their Home (VIDEO)

It was supposed to be a dream home, but after 25 years of dealing with electrical shocks, Millie Mendelson and her husband Hal are throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

When the couple moved into the house in Pound Ridge, New York, they say the electric substation near their 6-acre property wasn't much of a concern. Now, according to the New York Post, the couple believes the substation is leaking electricity into the air, which presents a whole host of issues.

“There’s times I go to my sink and there’s a little water on the rim,” said Millie Mendelson to the paper. “I might put my arm down on it — whoa!"

Millie wears rubber gloves when she does the dishes, while Hal wears rubber-soled shoes when he's outside. The couple stopped using their backyard pool long ago, reports WABC.

The Mendelsons used to keep animals on the property. Not anymore, though, says Hal, "The animals were going crazy." He told CBS2 the voltage drove their dog to chew the skin off its own legs and they had to put her down.

NYSEG installed alarms several years ago to alert the family of dangerous volts, but when they began to sound "50, 60, 70 times a day," the company said they were malfunctioning and removed the system, reports Newsday.

After fighting with NYSEG for 15 years, the Mendelsons are moving. They've filed a suit in an attempt to force the company to purchase their $2.7 million home, built in 1760 -- long before the power substation.

NYSEG, meanwhile, won't comment, citing the ongoing suit. The company stated in a release to CBS2, "The safety of our customers and employees is of paramount importance to us, and we comply with the New York State Public Service Commission's rigorous stray voltage testing and repair requirements."



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