09/10/2012 02:02 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2012

Rex Ryan Knocked Down By Scott Chandler: Jets Coach Talks Smack After Collision With Bills TE (VIDEO)

It turns out the new Rex Ryan can dish it out and take a hit.

Early in the fourth quarter, as the Jets were running all over the Bills, Buffalo tight end Scott Chandler ran right into the New York head coach on the sideline. Safety Yeremiah Bell had shoved Chandler out of bounds after a short reception and his momentum carried him right into Ryan (Chandler may have also delivered a subtle forearm)

Ryan was knocked to his knees but steadied himself before getting knocked all the way down. Then, in typical Rex Ryan-fashion, he got right back up and started jawing at Chandler.

The outspoken Ryan had a smile on his face, but perhaps that exchange would have gone a little differently if the Jets hadn't been up 41-14. Of course, the collision may have also gone differently if Ryan still weighed 348 pounds.


UPDATE: Rex Ryan addressed getting knocked down on Monday.