09/10/2012 10:15 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2012

Shellie Hubbard Threw Boyfriend's Dog, Peanut Butter, Into Traffic

An Oregon woman pleaded guilty to throwing her boyfriend's dog into traffic during a break-up.

Shellie Hubbard, 46, was arguing with her boyfriend, Darwin Vonschirmer, last December while the two were driving down a highway in Washington State, the Columbian reports. Lawyers say the couple was in the process of ending their relationship.

According to police, Hubbard sliced Vonschirmer's hand with a broken coffee mug, then threw the couple's dog, a Catahoula leopard hound dog named Peanut Butter, out of the car and into traffic.

Peanut Butter was killed by an oncoming vehicle.

On Friday, Hubbard pleaded guilty to first-degree animal cruelty, third-degree assault and possession of methamphetamine, according to the Associated Press.

Judge Barbara Johnson sentenced Hubbard to seven months in jail, noting that Hubbard not only caused the animal's death, but also endangered fellow drivers. Hubbard is also legally barred from owning pets for five years.

This is not the only case of animal abuse to transpire in recent months.

In August, a Texas woman was arrested after dragging her five-pound terrier, Mimi, behind an SUV. The woman, who was driving at a speed of 10 mph, said she was simply trying to "walk" Mimi.

In July, a pug-mix named Hope nearly died after an attacker taped her mouth shut and left bloody gashes on her body. After a remarkable and unexpected recovery, Hope was adopted by a Texas family.