09/16/2012 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Week In Celebrity Comments (And Animated GIFs!)

One of the most interesting aspects of celebrity stories is what comes after — your hilarious, occasionally rant-y and generally colorful responses to what's happening in the world of celebrity news. Here are a couple of the stories that you had strong reactions to this week, as demonstrated by (what else?) animated GIFs:

1. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds secretly tied the knot.
An apt representation of what pretty much all of us did upon reading the news:

PersnicketyChick was totally on board with this: “If they were any hotter together I'd seriously melt. I'm a fan of them both. Mucho congrats!”

HuffPost Celebrity has no shortage of cynics lurking in its comments too. After getting over the whole WTF-didn't-he-just-get-divorced aspect of it all, most of you went from surprise to this:

...when considering the facts:
Staples123: “Alanis Morissette, Scarlett Johansson and now Blake Lively. I think he likes proposing :S”

A couple zing!-worthy moments:
Kauthon: “You can have sex and not get married. Not sure if this guy realizes that.”
Wisdom and Victory: “Is Ryan going to be the new ZsaZsa?”
Candolin Cook: "Whatever happened to just living in sin Ryan?”
Rjmartinelli: “And yet they had such terrible chemistry in Green Lantern...”

A little healthy skepticism led to a lot of bet taking:
Steelerfanman: "What's the over/under on this? Two years?"

Donald Samuels
made a terrifying point: “If they have kids those babies would have won the genetic mother-load.”

Their children will be devastatingly attractive.

2. Alison Pill accidentally—or not—Tweeted a topless photo of herself, and you guys turned out en force. It was a rollercoaster of emotion for all involved...

First there was excitement over the promise of a NSFW photo of Alison Pill:

jlab: “Look at the size of those glasses!”

Then, indignation/disappointment over our censored photo that made it notably less NSFW:

Conservative Mark: “Dear HP, You can't claim a photo is NSFW if you are covering up the naughty bits. Sincerely, Every man on the planet Earth.”

Finally, general appreciation for what you were still able to see:

Rex Devious: “Hey, if beautiful celebrities want to keep taking racy photos, we'll keep pretending they got out by accident.”

A few gems:
heywould j: “She has lovely tweets.”
gbtusa: “I'm seeing stars!”
Leviathan21: “That totally sounds like something that would happen to her character on the show.”
Amalek: “I have probably tweeted 50 pictures of my genitals by mistake. I get a lot of followers but no complaints.”

Applehead went philosophical on us: “If women had stars instead of nipples, when the media ran their topless photos would they cover their stars up with, what, nipples?” (Awesome answer from Not That Far Left: "We would have serious problems with our flag.")

3. Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez are dating and here come the sports jokes!

callemlikeiseeem: “Think Eva, like NYJ, will bench him for Tebow as well after a couple of losses?”
Jim Gamino: “Once they break up she's gonna move to an NHL guy for the Hat Trick! Basketball, Football, Hockey!”
Louie Rey: “Perfect! The circus that is the New York Jets gets weirder still.”
jsuperconductor: “Does Tebow get subbed in when Sanchez gets near the goaline?”

Who doesn't love a good Tebow/Sanchez joke these days?

Given the messy affair of Eva's marriage to Tony Parker (Spurs point guard), lots of you were more or less on board with devilirius:

“A little surprised she went back to the athlete thing.”

Others decided to focus on the positive, like RoninSRM: “Kate Upton to Eva Langoria? Sanchez is my hero!”

Animated GIFs from Reaction GIFs and Reality TV GIFs.



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