Trent Richardson Trucks Kurt Coleman: Browns Rookie Knocks Helmet Off Eagles Safety (VIDEO)

To paraphrase psychologist Abraham H. Maslow, if you're trying to tackle Trent Richardson then you're going to look like a nail. Because the Browns' rookie runner out of Alabama is a hammer.

After taking this handoff from Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden early in the second quarter, Richardson burst through the hole opened up for him by his blockers and then lowered his head and shoulders as Eagles safety Kurt Coleman stepped into harm's way.

Hammer meet nail.

Richardson delivered a hit to his would-be tackler that knocked off Coleman's helmet and earned him another yard or two.

While the early reviews of Weeden ranged from lackluster to LMFAO, hard runs like this should have the Browns confident that they got the player they hoped for with Richardson, who they selected with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Here are the first three sentences of National Football Posts' scouting report on the runner out of Alabama.

A physically strapped together running back with a muscular lower half, very strong legs and chiseled upper body. Carries his weight well and is an absolute freak in the weight room. Possesses an aggressive running style and his combination of power and initial explosion is rare.

Sound about right? Coleman isn't likely to argue.




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