09/11/2012 03:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Caine Monroy's Jewel Of Elul: Double Digits

Editor's note: There is a great Jewish tradition to dedicate the 29 days in the month of Elul to study and prepare for the coming high holy days. The time is supposed to challenge us to use each day as an opportunity for growth and discovery. On each of the 29 days of Elul, performer Craig Taubman posts a "jewel," or story, from some of today's most celebrated visionaries. Past contributors include President Barack Obama, Desmond Tutu, Mary J Blige, Eli Wiesel, The Dali Lama, Rabbi Ruth Messinger Lady Gaga, among many others. Today's reflection comes from Caine Monroy.

I don’t really like to think about growing older, I like being 9.

If I get older I will be like my grandpa and become slow. You also are not able to see that well and can’t do or build the things you like. I get to do all the things my friends do. When you are a kid you get to ride bikes, scooters, play with toys and use your imagination. You don’t have to go to work or do all the things old people do. I can keep working on my arcade and making it more creative. When you are older you have to go to college and you have a lot of homework and have to work.

At my age I have been able to meet many different people that come to the Arcade and gotten to go to many places like France. I like that I have met all these people and kids and I have learned a lot from them. I think if I was older, I would not have enjoyed it so much.

Well I might want to be older, age 10, which I will be next month, only because I will have two digits in my number.

Caine Monroy is the 9-year-old owner and operator of Caine’s Arcade.

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