09/11/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kisuk Cha Sues Hooters In Queens For Racial Discrimination Stemming From 'Chinx' Receipt (PHOTO)

A Hooters in the Fresh Meadows neighborhood of Queens is being sued for racial discrimination after a Korean-American customer dining at the restaurant received a receipt with the word "chinx" on it.

The Daily News reports 25-year old Kisuk Cha and his girlfriend ate at the Hooters on July 1 when the food server began "gawking" and "giggling" at the couple.

Cha paid the $21.75 tab, but upon looking at the receipt found "chinx" typed in the space used to identify customers' names.

hooters receipt

He said, "I was shocked. My girlfriend was shocked as well.”

Cha's lawyer Daniel Baek said the lawsuit seeks damages to compensate for the distress Cha has experienced since:

He was so overwhelmed that he just wanted to go to bed to sleep, but was too angry to do so. This incident has continued to cause him mental anguish. He is haunted by the ridiculing giggles and stares of his persecutor. He does not feel welcome at Hooters and indeed questions whether he is welcomed at any non-Korean establishments.

Following the lawsuit, Hooters attorney Ed McCabe confirmed Cha's claims and said a female employee had come forward to take responsibility for the shocking racial slur.

McCabe said, "She was told that it violated company policy. She resigned on the spot."

The incident follows an equally disgusting episode that took place at a Manhattan Papa John's, where an Asian American customer received a receipt with the label "lady chinky eyes."

Minhee Cho tweeted a photo of the receipt, sparking outrage and eventually prompted the chain to post an apology on its official Facebook page.