09/11/2012 08:05 am ET

Roger Goodell And The Rough Opening Of The 2012 NFL Season

The he NFL is on in the background as I speak — or, more accurately, as I type — here in a hotel in Arlington, Virginia, where I've come to escape briefly from two weeks of watching democracy throw up on its shoes in Tampa, and then in Charlotte. (The New England Patriots are slowly squeezing Tennessee to a fine pulp.) An unfortunate mishap with the rental car forced me to exchange it for another one, and to have the first one towed away to the minivan clinic, and the guy driving my tow truck was politely cursing his dashboard because "neither of the two stations that carry the Redskins games seem to come in in my truck," so he was stuck, poor fella, with listening to the (surprising, delightfully underdoggish) Washington Nationals, who, alas, play merely baseball. I asked the driver how the Redskins were likely to be this season.

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