09/11/2012 02:44 pm ET

Rupert Murdoch Tweets Election Advice To Mitt Romney

News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch took to his Twitter account on Tuesday to offer some more advice to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Murdoch first tweeted some thoughts on the conventions. In retrospect, he wrote, "conventions mixed but net big win for democrats." He called First Lady Michelle Obama and President Bill Clinton the "big stars."

Regarding the election, Murdoch tweeted, Romney "must draw a clear line" and "offer specific path to restore American dream."

He also tweeted that in order to win, Romney must not fear the far-right, which Murdoch described as a group having "nowhere else to go."

Murdoch, who donated heavily to Republican candidates and organizations during the 2012 election cycle, has tweeted about Romney in the past, making his lukewarm feelings for the candidate quite clear.

He sent a series of highly critical tweets during the Republican primary election in January, saying that it was unsure of Romney's chances in the general election.

Recently though, Murdoch seemed more enthused with the Republican presidential nominee, encouraging Romney to "keep up" his attacks on Obama and the economy.



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