09/12/2012 02:08 pm ET

Joe Biden Honors Americans Killed In Libya, Vows To 'Bring Justice To Their Killers'

WASHINGTON -- Vice President Joe Biden condemned the Tuesday attacks in Libya that left four American foreign officials dead and vowed to "bring to justice their killers."

"Last night, our nation lost four truly dedicated Americans. Courageous Americans," Biden said Wednesday, during a previously scheduled Ohio campaign event at Wright State University.

Before launching into his campaign remarks, Biden heaped praises on U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, with whom Biden worked during his time as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The vice president also singled out State Department official Sean Smith, another of the four Americans killed in Libya, as a hero. The other two Americans killed are still unnamed.

"[Stevens] risked his life repeatedly while the war in Libya to get rid of that dictator was going on [sic]," Biden said. "Let me be clear: We are resolved to bring to justice their killers." That comment drew wild cheers from the crowd.

Biden added solemnly that the Libya attacks are a reminder that the task of U.S. foreign officials is "not all about going to coffees and teas."



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