09/12/2012 06:24 pm ET Updated Sep 13, 2012

Volleyball Hit To The Head Miraculously Saves Hawaiian Man's Life (VIDEO)

A Hawaiian man is looking for the student who recently struck him in the head with a volleyball.

He wants to thank him for saving his life.


Yahoo News reported that Kaipo Pomaikai was watching his grandson play indoor volleyball when a wayward ball struck him in the head, sending him to the hospital.

"Somebody yelled 'hey' and a nanosecond later I just turned, and boom, I got hit," Pomaikai told Fox News. "It feel like someone hit you really hard with your eye open. That ball came across half court from the net. The kid had a good hit, man."

That evening, when the 60-year-old grandfather was driving himself home, he began to lose vision in his left eye. At the hospital, doctors performed a CAT scan and found an unruptured aneurysm on the right side of his brain the size of a nickel.

Doctors said that Pomaikai had the aneurysm for years, and probably would have died within the next couple of years if he had not gone to the hospital that day.

"I'd like to meet (the boy who hit him with the ball) because I'd like to thank him for saving my life," he told Fox News.

Watch Pomaikai talking about the miraculous volleyball hit below, courtesy of Khron2 News: