09/12/2012 04:39 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2012

Maryland Voting: Concerns Expressed Over Safety Of Annapolis Polling Place

On Sunday night, two men were shot near the community center, and in June, Orlando Sherman McDaniel, 29, of Annapolis died as a result of gunshots wounds he suffered near the 1100 block of Madison Street, which is nearby. No arrests have been made in either case.

For one Eastport resident, who asked not to be identified, her concerns go beyond the recent violence. She said she's been harassed at the polling place while trying to vote in past years.

"I have gone there, and either on my way in or on my way out, I've been heckled about who I was going to vote for," she said. "I've had them where they blocked my car as I was trying to leave. It's a very unsafe feeling, very unsafe."

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