09/12/2012 05:58 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

Uncomfortable Things Overheard On Apple Liveblogs (That We Didn't Need To Know)

Then again we read through them all...and that's sort of strange too.

"I'm going to make sweet love to this phone." (source)

"My ears are upright but sluggish, much like myself." (source)

"'This is the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone.'" (source. Also, Apple's official slogan)

"They scanned hundreds of ears looking for commonality." (source)

"'EarPods are designed to direct sound into the ear.'" (quoting Jony Ive, via source)

"Oh boy, this is cute." (source)

"Everyone's hugging and kissing. It's beautiful." (about a promo video, via source)

"'What is the design center for a phone? It's this... your hand.'" (source)

"'The ocean looks bluer in the iPhone 5. Kids look happier and the world is a more beautiful place.'" (quoting Phil Schiller, via source)

"New App Store looks hot." (source)

"Okay, that’s pretty hot." (source)

"My ears lack the antitragus, the flap that holds earbuds in!" (source)

"Jony Ive is in a large, white room." (source)

"Can't wait to try these -- current Apple earbuds fall out of my giant ears." (source)

"'Look at that! You can see the veins on the wings of the bee.' -- Phil Schiller" (source)

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h/t Kevin Roose and his must-see NYMag story