09/13/2012 09:01 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2012

'Community' Star Donald Glover Developing Semi-Autobiographical Sitcom For NBC

"Community" star Donald Glover is apparently an excellent multitasker. In addition to his role on the critically-acclaimed NBC comedy, a successful rap career as "Childish Gambino" and various stand-up engagements, Glover is also developing a new sitcom for NBC, according to TV Guide.

Glover is producing the comedy with an eye to star, which makes sense, given that it's said to be loosely based on the actor's own life. NBC is apparently enthusiastic about the project, and TV Guide reports that the network is close to making a put-pilot commitment that would mean a heavy financial penalty if the show didn't make it to air. Executive producing alongside Glover is Matt Hubbard, whom the actor worked with during his stint as a writer on "30 Rock," as well as Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan.

"Community" fans don't need to don their darkest timeline goatees quite yet, though; thanks to Glover's contract, any new project still comes in second position to the established comedy, although it's safe to assume NBC will be looking for a drastic surge in ratings to justify keeping the cult show around past Season 4.

Things have been tumultuous for "Community" of late, what with creator Dan Harmon's high-profile exit from the series. The show was on the bubble and seemed to be in danger of cancellation, but surprised many by earning a fourth season renewal of 13 episodes. The comedy will move to an 8:30 p.m. Friday timeslot on October 19 -- a move that rankled many fans who have come to regard Friday nights as the "death slot," since many networks send their struggling series there to languish before pulling the plug altogether.

Still, new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port expressed their appreciation for the show at Comic-Con, with Guarascio promising that they intended to keep "Community" as the "weird, wonderful gem that it's always been."

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